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RF Structure Design of a 201.5 MHz Deuteron RFQ Accelerator

ZHANG Chuan1, 2, GUO Zhiyu1, 3, Alwin Schempp2, CHEN Jiaer1, FANG Jiaxun1   

  • Received:2004-10-21 Online:2006-01-20 Published:2006-01-20

201.5 MHz氘离子RFQ加速器射频结构设计

张川1,2,郭之虞1,Alwin Schempp2,陈佳洱1,方家驯1   

Abstract: A 201.5MHz, 2.0MeV, 50mA deuteron Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) accelerator is proposed as the neutron generator for the Peking University (PKU) Neutron Experiment Facility. For the good performance at the frequency ~ 200MHz, the 4-rod resonator structure is chosen. Also, the mini-vane-type electrode is adopted for convenient water-cooling. The total RF structure design studies are performed by one of the most reliable 3D electromagnetic field simulation software, CST Microwave Studio®, with attentions to meet the demands of lowest dipole effect as well as minimum RF power consumption. The detail optimization methods and results are presented.

Key words: RFQ accelerator, RF structure

摘要: 一台201.5MHz、2MeV、50mA的氘离子射频四极场(RFQ)加速器将用于北京大学中子实验平台。该加速器用4杆型谐振结构,同时为方便水冷采用了微翼型电极。射频结构设计使用了三维电磁场模拟软件Microwave Studio®,并力求满足降低二极场效应和射频功率损耗的要求。文章讨论了优化设计方法并给出一个设计结果。

关键词: RFQ加速器, 射频结构

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