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Review of Measurement Techniques about Organic Carbon and Elemental Carbon in Atmospheric Particles

HUAN Ning, ZENG Limin, SHAO Min   

  • Received:2005-01-10 Online:2005-11-20 Published:2005-11-20



Abstract: Because of their unique effect on environment and climate, and the harm to human health, organic carbon and elemental carbon in aerosols drawn growing concern by environmental scientists all over the world. There are many techniques to measure them; however, due to the different experimental principles, the results appeared distinct deviation from each other. For the ThermoOptical methods, with the totally same experimental principle, the EC measured by two machines from different factories, TOT and TOR, have an obvious difference, reaching 70%~80%. This paper introduces measurement methods applied to EC and OC analysis nowadays, including Optical Method and Thermo Method (ThermoOptical Method) to demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages, and to give an expectation for EC and OC in upcoming research.

Key words: atmospheric aerosol, organic carbon, elemental carbon, analytic methods

摘要: 大气气溶胶中的有机碳、元素碳因其独特的环境、气候效应以及对人类健康的影响而成为世界各国环境科学家共同关注的热点。其检测方法有很多,各种检测方法因实验原理不同所以实验结果也相差很大,即使是实验原理完全相同的光热法,两台不同厂家的仪器所测的元素碳结果也相差很大,差别可达 70%~80%。本文介绍了现阶段气溶胶有机碳和元素碳的各种检测方法,将其大体分为光学法和热学法(光热法)两类,分析了各种方法的优缺点并提出自己的观点,最后展望了气溶胶有机碳、元素碳的研究前景。

关键词: 大气气溶胶, 有机碳, 元素碳, 分析方法

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