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Values of Geological Heritage from the Viewpoint of World Heritage

ZHANG Chengyu   

  • Received:2004-09-24 Online:2005-11-20 Published:2005-11-20



Abstract: From the viewpoint of natural heritage's geological and aesthetic value in the World Heritage List, the geological heritage's outstanding values in paleontology, tectonics, geomorphology and aesthetics are expounded. Based on relative importance of geological value and aesthetic value, 4 kinds of geological heritages are classified. One point is strengthened that the research on the geological heritage's value can promote the application for the world heritage, but should not be ceased in application. Depending on the geological value research, more emphasis should be taken on the geological heritage's practical functions of scientific research, science-popularization, tourism, aestheticism and enlightening.

Key words: geological heritage, world heritage, geological value, aesthetic value

摘要: 从《世界遗产公约》自然遗产的科学价值和美学价值的角度,论述地质遗产在古生物、地质构造、地貌研究和自然美学方面的突出价值。从地质学价值和美学价值的不同侧重,将地质遗产分为4类。文章强调,地质遗产的地质学价值研究可以推进世界遗产的申报,但不能止于申报。应当依托于地质遗产的价值研究,重视遗产实际功能——科研、科普、游览、审美和启智的发挥。

关键词: 地质遗产, 世界遗产, 地质学价值, 美学价值

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