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Design and Implementation of MCGE Issue's Calculation Based on Webservice

YU Hailong1, 2, WU Lun1, LIN Xin1, QIN Shi1, 3Zhang Ming   

  • Received:2004-12-29 Online:2005-11-20 Published:2005-11-20



Abstract: At present, the calculation of the Modern Catchment Geomorphic Evolution (MCGE) issues is mainly solved by systems' integration, which results in function redundancy, lower efficiency and more difficult modification. The method to resolve the MCGE issues based on WebService is proposed. The design of the Modern Catchment Geomorphic Evolution Model Service(MCGEMS), and integration between MCGEMS and WCS are given. Within .NET interface, the MCGEMS and integration with WCS are implemented respectively. This method resolves the problems resulting from systems integration, improves the MCGEM reuse capability and simplifies the procedure of integration.

Key words: modern catchment geomorphic evolution, WebService's integration, WebService

摘要: 基于WebService技术,提出采用服务模式实现小流域地貌演化问题计算的方法。分析了小流域演化模型服务MCGEMS以及MCGEMS与WCS集成设计过程,给出了MCGEMS的WSDL描述。基于.NET平台开发实现了MCGEMS、WCS以及MCGEMS与WCS服务集成,完成了基于服务模式的小流域地貌演化计算。基于服务模式的小流域地貌演化问题计算,初步解决了系统集成模式实现小流域地貌演化计算功能冗余、小流域地貌演化模型演化复用困难、集成界面复杂等问题。

关键词: 小流域地貌演化, 服务集成, WebService

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