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Review of Environmental Archaeology

YANG Xiaoyan1, 2,   

  • Received:2003-12-25 Online:2005-03-20 Published:2005-03-20



Abstract: School of New Archaeology was formed in 1960's. New Archaeology greatly emphasized the influence of the ecological environment on the human living conditions, resulting in the emergence of many new technologies and branches of archaeology. One of the branches is environmental archaeology. Environmental archaeology development experienced three stages, linear model, early systematic model and later systematic model. Four research areas, are formed gradually including geoarchaeology, archaeobotany, zooarchaeology and bioarchaeology. Now, the method of environmental archaeology research in China urgently needs to be improved.

Key words: environmental archaeology, Chinese environmental archaeology

摘要: 20世纪60年代考古学出现了新考古学派,导致包括环境考古学在内的许多考古学分支学科的出现。环境考古学的发展经历了线形模式阶段、系统模式前阶段和系统模式后阶段3个时期,并逐渐形成4个主要的研究领域:地学考古、植物考古、动物考古和分子生物考古,其中地学考古涉及到地貌学、沉积学、土壤学和地质年代学。环境考古在考古学理论方法框架中主要应用于遗存堆积前、堆积及堆积后理论中的部分或全部内容。中国环境考古学研究现阶段最需要的是工作方式与研究方法的改进。

关键词: 环境考古, 中国环境考古

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