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Research on Reservoir Characteristics of Carboniferous Bioclast Limestone Member in Maigaiti Slope, Tarim Basin

JIANG Lingzhi1 , YU Delong2   

  1. 1Research institute of petroleum exploration and development, Beijing, 100083; 2Daqing oil field branch company, Daqing, 163411
  • Received:2002-07-18 Online:2003-05-20 Published:2003-05-20


蒋凌志1, 于德龙2   

  1. 1中国石油勘探开发研究院,北京,100083;2大庆油田录井公司,大庆,163411

Abstract: By analyzing the photos of scanning electron microscopy and thin section, intrusive mercury curve and materials of porosity and permeability, the reservoir characteristics of bioclast limestone member are discussed, which include petrologic feature, pore structure, reservoir space and reservoir properties of matter. Although the reservoir is deep buried, and primary pore was seriously destroyed by earlier compaction and cementation, the secondary pore developed very well by latter solution and dolomitization, especially dolomitization. Bioclast limestone member is quite capable of reserving oil and gas, and is classified as reservoir Ⅱ.

Key words: maigaiti slope, reservoir charateristics, reservoir space, diagenesis

摘要: 通过扫描电镜、铸体薄片、普通薄片、压汞曲线以及孔隙度和渗透率资料的分析,详细研究了生屑灰岩段的储层特征,主要包括岩石学特征、孔隙结构、储集空间、储层物性特征等。该区储层虽然埋藏较深,并且经历早期压实作用和胶结作用等使原生孔隙遭受严重破坏,但经过后期溶蚀作用和白云石化作用等(尤其是白云石化作用)成岩作用的改造使次生孔隙非常发育,具备很好的储集油气的能力,为Ⅱ类储层。

关键词: 麦盖提斜坡, 储层特征, 储集空间, 成岩作用

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