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Synthesis and Field Emission Study of Large-Scaled Aligned Carbon Nanotube Films

GE Song1, FENG Sunqi1, YU Dapeng1, ZHANG Guangyu2, LIU Shuang2   

  1. 1State Key Laboratory for Microstructures and Mesoscopic Physics, School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871;2State Key Laboratory for Surfaces Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, 100080
  • Received:2002-05-06 Online:2003-05-20 Published:2003-05-20


葛颂1, 冯孙齐1, 俞大鹏1, 张广宇2, 刘双2   

  1. 1北京大学物理学院,人工微结构和介观物理国家重点实验室,北京,100871;2中国科学院物理研究所,表面物理国家重点实验室,北京,100080

Abstract: Large-scaled highly oriented carbon nanotube films on Si substrate with Ni as a catalyst were synthesized by hot-filament-enhanced CVD and field-emission properties of the films were studied. It has been discovered that there is a knee-point Es on Fowler-Nordheim curves of the nanotube films, the slope of F-N curve in the low field region is much higher than that in the high field region. The field-enhancement factor β is proportional to the distance d between the anode and the cathode, and Es is an inverse measure of the distance d. Both of them can be phenomenally interpreted by the two-region field-emission model. The possible mechanisms for the saturation of emitter current on high field region have been discussed.

Key words: well-aligned carbon nanotube film, field emission, fowler-nordheim equation, field amplification factorβ

摘要: 利用热丝增强化学气相沉积法,在镀Ni的Si基片上成功地生长大面积取向碳纳米管膜,并研究了其场发射性质。研究表明,碳纳米管膜的场发射Fowler-Nordheim曲线上存在一转折点Es(“饱和”场强),低场区域(EEs)的F-N曲线斜率明显高于高场(EEs)区域。实验证实,低场区域的场放大系数β与极间距d 成正比,Es与极间距d 成反比,它们可用双区域场模型唯像地解释。讨论了高场区域场发射电流“饱和”(变化趋缓)的可能机制。

关键词: 取向碳纳米管膜, 场发射, Fowler-Nordheim公式, 场放大系数β

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