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The Improvement of Extractive Emission in InGaAlP Quantum Wells Light Emitting Diodes by Microstructures

SUI Wenhui1, ZHANG Bei1, WANG Dajun1, LUAN Feng1, XU Wanjin1, MA Xiaoyu2   

  1. 1School of Physics, Peking University, State Key Laboratory for Artificial Microstructure and Mesoscopic Physics, Beijing, 100871;2Institute of Semiconductors, The Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, 100083
  • Received:2002-04-15 Online:2003-05-20 Published:2003-05-20


隋文辉1, 章蓓1, 王大军1, 栾峰1, 徐万劲1, 马晓宇2   

  1. 1北京大学物理学院、人工微结构和介观物理国家重点实验室,北京,100871;2中国科学院半导体所,北京,100083

Abstract: To solve the problem of low extractive efficiency in semiconductor light emitting diodes(LED), a proposal of introducing microstructures onto the top of LED was presented. Based on this idea, the InGaAlP quantum wells LEDs with centric ring-grooves microstructures have been successfully prepared by the conventional micro-fabrication. As a result, the vertical extractive light intensity from the novel LED was obviously stronger than that of the LED without microstructures. This success provides a new method for improving extraction efficiency from LED.

Key words: light emitting diode, extraction efficiency, InGaAlP quantum well, microstructure

摘要: 针对半导体发光二极管(LED)出光效率低下的问题,提出了一个在LED顶部引入周期性微结构的新设想。根据这一设想,采用简单的微加工技术研制成功带有环形槽微结构的圆台形InGaAlP量子阱LED。结果表明,这种新型LED在竖直方向的出射光强比不带微结构的LED有明显增强。这一成功为改进发光二极管的出光效率提供了新的途径。

关键词: 发光二极管, 出光效率, InGaAlP量子阱, 微结构

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