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The Diagnostic Research on the Anomaly of Northeast Cold Vortex Based on the Multi-channel Satellite
(Observations with OLR, HIRS-Tb12, ERB, VIS, SSMR, SSM/I)

JIANG Shangcheng, YANG Xiangdong, SHANG Shurong, GU Lei   

  1. Department of Geophysics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871,
  • Received:2001-07-13 Online:2002-09-20 Published:2002-09-20



  1. 北京大学大气科学系,北京,100871,E-mail:

Abstract: By using multi-channel observations of OLR, HIRS-Tb12, ERB, VIS, SSMR and SSM/I on the US satellites, it is analyzed that the global general atmospheric circulation features related to the anomaly of cold vortex over Northeast China and it's premonitors are also revealed. It is found that there is an effected chain, which consists of sea ice over northern hemisphere,sea surface temperature in the mid-east equatorial Pacific, Asia monsoon and local budget of earth radiation in Northeast China, on the anomaly of northeast cold vortex. The impacts of each factor in the chain are discussed.The results indicate that the applications of multi-channel satellite observations on research of climate change are of significance.

Key words: NE cold vortex, El-Nino, seaice-snowcover, Asia monsoon, earth radiation budget, Pacific East Asia pattern

摘要: 利用美国气象卫星OLR, HIRS-Tb12, ERB, VIS, SSMR和SSM/I多通道的观测资料,分析了东北冷涡异常年的全球大气环流特征及其关键地区的先兆特征;对于东北冷涡异常,发现了有一个由北半球的海冰,赤道东太平洋的海温,亚洲的季风以及东北地区地气系统辐射收支组成的影响链存在。由此讨论了影响链上的各因子对东北冷涡异常的作用。结果表明多通道卫星观测资料的综合应用在气候变化的研究和预测中有着重要的意义。

关键词: 东北冷涡, El-Nino, 冰雪盖, 亚洲季风, 辐射收支, PEA型

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