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Analysis on the Climate Characteristics of Sandstorms in North Xinjiang

WANG Xu1,MA Yu1,WANG Hongwei2,TAO Zuyu3   

  1. 1Xinjiang Center of Environmental Meteorology, Urumqi, 830002;2Dependent Office of Management Bureau of Civil Aviation, Urumqi, 830016;3State Key Laboratory for Severe Storm Research, Dept. Of Atmospheric Sciences, College of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2001-07-10 Online:2002-09-20 Published:2002-09-20



  1. 1新疆环境气象中心,乌鲁木齐,830002;2民航乌鲁木齐管理局航行气象处,乌鲁木齐,830016;3北京大学物理学院大气科学系,暴雨监测和预测国家重点实验室,北京,100871

Abstract: The temporal-spatial distribution characteristics of sandstorm that occurred in North Xinjiang has been revealed by counting and analyzing 39-year sandstorm date collection(1961-1999) gathered from 40 weather stations in North Xinjiang. The results show that in North Xinjiang,the sandstorms occur most frequently in Gurbantuguter desert, more frequently in the southern periphery of the desert than in the others.The annual variation shows that the sandstorm usually occurs during the months from April to August. The daily variation shows that the occurrence of sandstorm is more frequent during 15-23 o'clock in local time. The duration of most sandstorms in North Xinjiang is within one hour or so. The longest persistence time is 16 hours.

Key words: North Xinjiang, sandstorm, distribution of sandstorm

摘要: 根据新疆地面气象记录月报表,整理出1961-1999年39a北疆40个气象观测站的沙尘暴天气现象资料并进行统计分析,给出北疆地区沙尘暴天气的时空分布特征。结果表明:北疆沙尘暴的高发区在古尔班通古特沙漠,沙漠南缘、天山北麓发生的沙尘暴多于其他周边地区;沙尘暴集中出现在4-8月,多发时段在15-23时,傍晚是活动高峰;沙尘暴持续时间多数在1h以内,最长可持续16h。

关键词: 北疆, 沙尘暴, 时空分布

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