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A Comparative Study of Murine Immune Tissue Involution of Different Age, Sex and Strain by Signaled Shock

XIAO Jian1, ZHANG Yan1, GENG Xiaofeng1, WU Zhenyu2, WANG Leyu2   

  1. 1Department of Psychology, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2Department of Basic Medicine, Guang Anmen Hospital, Beijing, 100053
  • Received:2000-01-12 Online:2000-09-20 Published:2000-09-20



  1. 1北京大学心理系,北京,100871;2北京广安门医院基础医学研究室,北京,100053

Abstract: The Present experiments have studied the influences of signaled shock on lymphoid tissue in mice, Male and female Swiss and Balb/c mice of various ages were stressed by signaled shock for 7 days (24 min per session). The animals were then killed for determination of total body weight and the weights of the thymus, spleen and axillary lymph nodes. In addition, the total number of cells in the thymus and the proportion of lymphoid cells in the bone marrow cell population was defined. The results show that stress-induced involution of the thymus was generally more pronounced in older animals, while for the spleen was the opposite. Involution of the thymus was higher in males than in females, but there were no-marked differences between the sexes in the response of the spleen. In general Swiss mice was more sensitive to stress than Balb/c mice. However, for the involution induced by stress on lymph nodes there were not a clear trend with age, sex or strain. In male and female mice of all ages and both strains, stress led to statistically significant reductions in the absolute of cells inside the thymus and spleen and in the proportion of lymphoid cells in the bone marrow.

Key words: stress, thymus, spleen, bone marrow, involution

摘要: 以警告信号加足底电击的方式(简称信号电击)对不同年龄、性别和种类小鼠进行应激,每天24min,共7d。结果发现,应激后免疫器官退化,重量减轻,而且这种变化与年龄和性别有关。胸腺退化,年龄大的鼠比年龄小的鼠更明显,而脾脏则相反,年龄小的鼠更敏感。另外,胸腺的退化雄性要高于雌性,而脾脏则没有性别上的差异。从种类上看,Swiss鼠比Balb/c鼠更敏感。对淋巴结来说,这种退化没有表现出年龄、性别和种类的差异。此外,应激使胸腺、脾脏内的淋巴细胞总数和骨髓内淋巴细胞的比例减少。这一结果说明,胸腺和脾脏的退化,不是由于组织内体液的减少,而是胸腺和脾脏内淋巴细胞绝对数减少之故。

关键词: 应激, 胸腺, 脾脏, 骨髓, 退化

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