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The Effects of Personality and Social Psychological Factors on Health of Senior

HOU Yubo   

  1. Psychology Department, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1999-11-22 Online:2000-09-20 Published:2000-09-20



  1. 北京大学心理系,北京,100871

Abstract: Many factors can affect physiopsychological changes of aging, in which personality and social psychological factors are most important ones. Three models will be used to explain the relationship between personality and physical disease, and a serial of studies confirms of this. Hostility、emotional suppression and neuroticism all have close linkages to cancer and heart disease. By ways of socio-economic status、social support and behavioral style, social psychological factors cast influence on health of senior too. All those factors were integrated by an ecological approach. Those analyses are important to further aging researches.

Key words: aging, personality factor, the ecological approach

摘要: 老化过程中的生理心理变化受许多因素的影响,人格与社会心理因素是最重要的两个方面。人格特征与疾病产生的关系可用3种模型分别加以说明,一系列的研究证实了这些模型的解释。对他人具有敌意、情绪压抑、神经质等特质与心脏病和癌症具有很密切的关系。社会心理因素对老年人健康的影响通过社会经济地位、社会支持与行为方式起作用。生态学观点则进一步揭示了这些影响的整合作用。这些分析对今后研究老年学问题有着重要的意义。

关键词: 老化, 人格因素, 生态学观点

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