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Thermoevolutional Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Generation from Barkinite, Late Permian Coals in Shuicheng, Guizhou Province

SUN Xuguang1, WANG Guanyu1, JIN Kuili2   

  • Received:1998-12-08 Online:2000-03-20 Published:2000-03-20


孙旭光1, 王关玉1,金奎励2   

  1. 1北京大学地质系,北京,100871;

Abstract: The Late Permian coal from southern China are unique in high content of barkinite and element hydrogen, as well as significant hydrocarbon-generation potential. In this paper, Rock-Eval, Py-Gc and MPV-3 were used to study the hydrocarbon-generation potential, the hydrocarbon composition, hydrocarbon-generation mechanism and thermoevlutional characteristics of barkinite in open system simulation. The results indicate that barkinite has higher hydrocarbon-generation potential, the values of hydrocarbon-generation potential (S1+S2) is 297.1mg/g; light hydrocarbon, wet gas and alkene are the main composition of hydrocarbon; the temperature range of hydrocarbon producting is at 400-450℃, the temperature range of hydrocarbon generation peak is at 420-450℃. These studies demonstrate that barkinite is one of the better macerals for petroleum generation. These studies will have greater values for exploring oil formation from coal from Late Permian coal in southern China.

Key words: lopinite-rich, barkinite, hydrocarbon-generation potential, hydrocarbon composition, hydrocarbon-generation mechanism

摘要: 采用岩石热解、热解气相色谱以及开放体系下热模拟等方法,对贵州水城含树皮体煤中的主要组分——树皮体的生烃潜力、烃类组成特征、成烃演化规律进行了较为详细的研究。结果显示,树皮体的生烃潜力(S1+S2)和氢指数(HI)都较高,分别为297.1和491mg/g;在高成熟条件下树皮体仍能生成大量烃类物质,其生烃高峰期集中在VR0为1.55%左右;烃类组成以轻质烃(凝析油或轻质油)占绝对优势,湿气次之,并且烯烃含量较高(此现象与开放体系热模拟有关);气态烃与液态烃演化规律相似,据此可以认为,气态烃很大一部分是由液态烃进一步裂解来的。

关键词: 含树皮体煤, 树皮体, 生烃潜力, 烃类组成特征, 成烃演化规律

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