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The Model of the Database System Based on Structured Markup Language

WANG Yongqun   

  1. National Key Laboratory for Text Processing, Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1998-04-22 Online:1999-09-20 Published:1999-09-20



  1. 文字信息处理技术国家重点实验室,北京大学计算机研究所,北京,100871

Abstract: In electronic publishing and electronic delivery, structured markup language is a key to the Single source, many applications solutions. The structured markup language provides structural information for the database and fits into information retrieval and information reuse. This article discusses the advantages of applying structured markup language into the database building and publishing. By analyzing one of the technologies SQml which get structured markup language and database connected, we discuss the defects of applying structured markup language into RDBMS. We define the database system based on the structured markup language and design a model for it.

Key words: structured markup language, relational database, SQml

摘要: 介绍了结构化置标语言应用于数据库系统的建立和信息出版的优势,讨论了将结构化置标语言同关系型数据库结合的技术SQml,剖析结构化置标语言同关系型数据库或面向对象型数据库结合的缺点,提出了基于结构化置标语言的数据库系统的定义和模型设计。

关键词: 结构化置标语言, 关系型数据库, 标准查询置标语言

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