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Plane-wave Scattering from Parallel Circular Dielectric Cylinders Embedded by Arbitrary Conducting Cylinders

ZHANG Yaojiang, GONG Zhonglin, XU Chenghe   

  1. Department of Electronics, Beijing University Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1998-07-20 Online:1999-09-20 Published:1999-09-20



  1. 北京大学电子系微波实验室,北京,100871

Abstract: A hybrid method of the equivalent microwave network technique and aggregated T-matrix algorithm is used to analyze the multiple scattering of parallel circular dielectric cylinders embedded by arbitrary conducting cylinders in this paper. A new formula is derived to relate the T-matrix of conducting cylinders with the impedance matrix of the moment method. The coupled utilization of the numerical method and analytical approach simplifies the analysis of interactions between parallel cylinders.

Key words: equivalent microwave network, aggregated T-matrix algorithm, method of moment, multiple scattering

摘要: 应用等效网络和聚合T矩阵算法的混合方法分析了埋藏导体的多个介质圆柱之间的多重散射问题。推导了一个新的反映散射体T矩阵和矩量法阻抗矩阵之间关系的公式。计算结果说明数值算法和解析方法的混合应用既有一定的灵活性又简化了较为复杂的多柱体间相互作用的分析。

关键词: 等效微波网络, 聚合T矩阵算法, 矩量法, 多重散射

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