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Studies of Buckwheat Pollen Peptides and its Analogues on Synthesis, Structure and Immune Activity

WANG Xia1, LIU Junda2, WANG Shu2, SONG Yanling1   

  1. 1Department of Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2Department of Bio-message and Modulation, Beijing Hospital, Institute of Geriatrics, Beijing, 100730
  • Received:1998-02-09 Online:1999-03-20 Published:1999-03-20



  1. 1北京大学化学与分子工程学院,北京,100871;2北京医院老年所,北京,100730

Abstract: Buckwheat pollen peptide (BPP-1) and its three analogues were synthesized using Merrifield solid phase method. The secondary structure of BPP-1 in solution was studied by FT-IR and CD spectra. It was considered that the conformation of the peptide was a random coil and β-sheet. In TFE, characteristic negative extrema near 222 and 206nm were observed in its CD spectra. It seems that the BPP-1 is in the form of a α-helix. The effect of these peptides on spleen lymphocytes from mice and on release of sIL-2R from human lymphocytes were studied. The results showed that these peptides exhibit certain immune activity.

Key words: buckwheat pollen, peptide, CD spectra, immune activity

摘要: 用Merrifield固相法合成了荞麦花粉肽BPP-1及其类似物BPP-1-3,BPP-1-4和BPP-2。通过FT-IR和CD谱初步讨论了BPP-1的二级结构,结果表明其水溶液构象属于无规卷曲和 β-折叠,但在三氟乙醇中,CD谱在206nm和222nm附近呈双负峰形,分子形成了α-螺旋构象。研究了BPP-1,BPP-1-3和BPP-2对动物和人淋巴细胞的增殖应答功能和抑制释放sIL-2R的作用,结果显示它们具有较强的促免疫活性。

关键词: 荞麦花粉, 多肽, CD谱, 免疫活性

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