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Defence Responses of Tenebrio Moliter Larvae

REN Shuxian, WANG Rongjiang, HAN Zheng   

  1. College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1996-12-31 Online:1997-11-20 Published:1997-11-20



  1. 北京大学生命科学学院,北京,100871

Abstract: The hemolymph defence responses of the larvae in last instar of Tenerio moliter were experimentally studied. The results were that: (1) When the larvae were stimulated by a needle and injected with Escherchia coli, Bacillus thuringiensis and sterile saline severally, the total hemocytes count (THC) in all treatments changed regularly in the similar way: first, THC reduced sharply in 15 min postinjection, then three peaks of THC occured within 10h postinjection, but the scope of the change was different. (2) The remnant quantity of bacteria in the larvae reduced gradually when the larvae were injected with the two kinds of bacteria. The peak of THC accompanied with a peak of disinfection. The peak of the rate of relative disinfection occured in 1~2h and 4~6h postinjection. (3) The inducement period of humoral defence of the larvae was 6~8h postinjection, so the cellular reaction occured in the early to microbial invaders and humoral defence reaction participated in 6~8h postinjection.

Key words: Tenebrio moliter larvae, total hemocytes count, ratios of disinfection, inducement period of humoral defence

摘要: 对黄粉甲(Tenebrio moliter) 末龄幼虫血淋巴的防卫机制做了报道,结果表明:(1)对末龄幼虫分别进行针刺体壁、注射大肠杆菌(Escherichia coli)、苏云金杆菌(Bacillus thuringiensis)及无菌生理盐水,结果均能引起血细胞总数(THC)规律性的变动,其变动曲线是一致的,即处理15min后THC急剧下降,在随后的10h内THC出现3个高峰期,但不同的处理THC的变动幅度不同;(2)对幼虫分别注射大肠杆菌及苏云金杆菌后,虫体内细菌的残留量逐渐减少,THC高峰期出现之后,伴随一个杀菌的高峰期,其相对杀死率的高峰期出现在注射后的1~2及4~6h;(3)测定了黄粉甲幼虫体液防卫的诱导期是在处理后的6~8h,所以黄粉甲幼虫早期的防卫作用是由血细胞进行,6~8h之后,体液的防卫作用开始参与。

关键词: 黄粉甲幼虫, 血细胞总数, 杀菌率, 体液防卫, 诱导期

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