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Stability Analysis of Periodic Solutions of Dynamical Systems in Arclength Parametrization

ZHENG Zuochang, WU Jike   

  1. Department of Mechanics Engineering Science, Center for Nonlinear Sciences, Peking University, Beiking, 100871
  • Received:1996-05-29 Online:1997-05-20 Published:1997-05-20


郑作昌, 武际可   

  1. 北京大学力学与工程科学系,非线性科学中心,北京,100871

Abstract: We discussed the stability of periodic solutions of dynamical systems in both time and arclength parameterization, and prove the variational equations at hyperbolic periodic solutions of the two kinds of dynamical systems have the same Floquet multipliers.

Key words: periodic solution, stability, Floquet multiplier

摘要: 讨论了时间和弧长参量下动力系统周期解的稳定性关系,证明了两种参量形式的动力系统在双曲周期解处变分方程,具有相同的Floquet乘子。

关键词: 周期解, 稳定性, Floquet乘子

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