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Donor-Specific Toxic Cell's (Donor Spleen Cells Loaded-Ricin) Effect on Inducing Tolerance to Skin Allografts in Mice

WANG Chongqing, GUAN Yinghui, LI Qijing   

  1. College of Life Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1996-11-13 Online:1997-03-20 Published:1997-03-20


王重庆, 关迎辉, 李启靖   

  1. 北京大学生命科学学院,北京,100871

Abstract: A new approach for preventing rejection of allografts is described. The donor of skin allograft is C57BL/6, and the receptor is BALB/C. We used calcium chloride to transduct ricin into donor spleen cells (getting Toxic Cell's), and tail-vein injected into receptors blood. Because Toxic Cell's have intact transplantation antigen (Major Histocompatible Antigen Complex, MHC) on their surface, they can be specifically recognized and lysed by receptor's T, B lymphocytes. After being lysed, Toxic Cell's would release ricin to kill the specific receptor's T, B lymphocytes, and finally induce unresponsiveness towards allografts. There were two test groups, and they were all injected with Toxic Cell's after or before skin transplantation. The survival time of skin allografts in both test groups were prolonged compared with respective control groups. The results of statistic assay ( t-test) also verified that the difference between each pair of test and control groups was very significant (tt0.01). Mixed lymphocyte culture test had also substantiated that the immune response to donor MHC of both test groups had been suppressed by our new method.

Key words: immunity to transplantation, immunotolerance, immunosuppression induced by donor cells, ricin

摘要: 以小鼠为研究对象进行皮肤移植,受体为BALB/C鼠,供体为C57BL/6鼠。用氯化钙介导蓖麻毒蛋白(ricin)进入供体鼠的脾细胞制成毒细胞,适时地注入受体体内。带有蓖麻毒蛋白供体脾细胞,一方面可提供特异移植抗原(主要组织相容性抗原)使特异的T,B淋巴细胞识;另一方面,它被识别裂解后,释放蓖麻毒蛋白,又可杀伤与其识别的T,B淋巴细胞,使受体对供体移植物产生耐受。实验共设两组,在皮肤移植前后分别用包埋蓖麻毒蛋白的供体脾细胞处理,两组移植皮片存活时间均比相应对照组有显著延长(tt0.01)。混合淋巴细胞培养实验和淋巴细胞转化实验证明了实验组对供体细胞的免疫应答及免疫细胞的分化能力均受到抑制。对这一新设想进行了初步的研究。

关键词: 移植免疫, 免疫耐受, 供体细胞介导的免疫抑制, 蓖麻毒蛋白

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