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Mossbauer Spectra of Valleriite from China

QIN Shan, CAO Zhengmin, CHEN Yanjing   

  1. Department of Geology, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China
  • Received:1996-11-08 Online:1997-03-20 Published:1997-03-20


秦善, 曹正民, 陈衍景   

  1. 北京大学地质学系,北京,100871

Abstract: In the structure of valleriite, iron ions may occupy twosites: tetrahedral site in sulfide layer and octahedral site in hydroxide layer. Based on the mossbauer data at room temperature, it is suggested that the high-spin Fe2+ presents in tetrahedral site with isomer shift of 0.42-0.48 mm·s-1 and quadrupole splitting of 0.81-1.28 mm·s-1; while the low-spin Fe3+ in octahedral site with isomer shift of 0.32-0.36 mm·s-1 and quadrupole splitting of 0.44-0.59 mm·s-1.

Key words: valleriite, mossbauer spectrum, coordination

摘要: 在墨铜矿的结构中,Fe离子可占据硫化物层中四面体和氢氧化物层的八面体两种配位位置。穆斯堡尔谱结果表明:高自旋的Fe2+占据四次配位位置,同质异能位移为0.42~0.48mm·s-1;四极分裂为0.81~1.28mm·s-1;低自旋的Fe3+占据六次配位位置,同质异能位移为0.32~0.36 mm·s-1、四极分裂为0.44~0.59 mm·s-1

关键词: 墨铜矿, 穆斯堡尔谱, 配位

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