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Stability of Electron Circular Orbit in an Ion-channel Electron Cyclotron Maser

LIU Pukun   

  1. Department of Technical Physics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1996-03-18 Online:1997-01-20 Published:1997-01-20



  1. 北京大学技术物理系,北京,100871

Abstract: Three-dimensional perturbed motion of relativistic electron in an ion-channel electron cyclotron maser(ICECM) is investigated by using the fluid theory. The result shows that, under the action of electromagnetic wave, the initial helix orbit of electron moving along the ion-channel is perturbed and its projection in the transverse plane is not a standard circle. But the transverse motion of electron is still kept within a ring with a not large thickness and is not divergent so long as the parameters are chosen to avoid two special singularities. So, the electron ' s orbit can be thought to be stable, and the electrons can be transported regularly in the interaction space.

Key words: ion channel, electron cyclotron maser, orbit stability

摘要: 利用流体理论研究离子通道电子回旋脉塞中相对论电子的三维扰动运。结果表明,在电磁波作用下,沿离子通道运动的电子的初始螺旋轨道受扰动后,其在横平面的投影虽不是一标准圆,但只要参数的选取注意避开两个特殊奇点,其在相当长的时间内仍然被约束在一厚度不大的圆环内,并不发散。因此,可以认为电子轨道是稳定的,能在互作用空间正常输运。

关键词: 离子通道, 电子回旋脉塞, 轨道稳定性

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