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A New Method for Inspect Spatial Isotropy

CHEN Shaoguang1, LIU Baocheng2   

  1. 1Jiangxi Academy of Science, Nanchang, 330029; 2Department of Geophysics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1995-11-03 Online:1996-09-20 Published:1996-09-20



  1. 1江西省科学院能源研究所,南昌,330029;2北京大学地球物理系,北京,100871

Abstract: According to c=νλ , the test theories of special relativity in common version will not be harmonious, in which the inferred phase difference is deduced by the optical path difference of anisotropic light speed c , while the inference is based on the isotropy of frequency ν and wavelength λ . A new version of the Doppler effect of absolute velocity V can avoid the theory contradicting itself. The test theories of Robertson and Mansouri Sexl are based on the isotropy of wavelength just as the classical aether theory does. Because unit of length (“meter”) changes with direction for wavelength being anisotropy, the resonant condition of laser is satisfied in one direction but not in other directions, which makes the test experiments very difficult to design. The test theories of Robertson and Mansouri Sexl all assume that the velocity of light is independent of motion of the source to ensure isotropy of the wavelength. If wavelength is invariable in direction, the anisotropy of twoway speed of the light will accompany the frequency anisotropy of return light beams. Because the Doppler frequency shifts are different for longitudinal and transverse absolute velocities of the apparatus relative to the preferred reference frame Σ , the frequency anisotropy of return light beams occurs on the process of reflecting. We obtain the conclusion:usual MichelsonMorley experiment just examined the frequency anisotropy of return light beams, which can be carried out by the beat frequency method. By means of the heterodyne frequency shift technique and the computer storage technique, the sensitivity of beat frequency is limited only by the noise. By means of common mode restraint technique the error caused by frequency instability of light source can be decreased to the level of 1/104 Hz. The isotropy of twoway speed of light can be tested to the precision of 1/1018 in Δ c/c , which will represent a 1 000-fold improvement on the previous best measurement given by Brillet and Hall.

Key words: two-way speed of light, Doppler effect of absolute velocity, laser heterodyne frequency shift, common mode restraint

摘要: Mansouri-Sexl和Robertson的检验理论以及经典以太论,都是由光速c各向异性的光程差推导出待测的相位差,推倒中又都用了光波的波长λ和频率ν均不随方向变化的前提条件,从而与c=λν相矛盾。用接收器相对优越坐标系绝对速度的Doppler效应的观点替代光程差的观点,可使检验理论自洽,并预期可观测效应为各方向反射回来的光波呈现频率的各向异性。在此基础上,提出了一种检验空间各向同性的新方法——抗共模干扰激光拍频法。用它检验光速各向同性的精度△c/c优于1×10-18,它比传统的Michelson-Morley干涉仪法和目前的基于稳频技术的激光拍频法精度高于1000倍以上。

关键词: 绝对速度的Doppler效应, 激光外差移频, 共模抑制, 双向光速

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