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Fibrillar System of Ochromonas Danica

LI Yinzhen   

  1. College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1993-09-24 Online:1995-01-20 Published:1995-01-20



  1. 北京大学生命科学学院, 北京,100871

Abstract: By brief extraction and fixation in Triton X-100 PIPES fluid contaning glutaraldeyde (2.5%), intact fibrllar framework in the cell of O.danica was revealed. The fibriller framework consists of. (1) An inverted Y shaped microtubular trunk fiber at the anterior end, with its axis running anteriorly and dorsally, and its 2 armsrunning along the sides of kinetosomes ventrally and posteriorly, longitudinal fibrils of various thickness running from the trunk fiber posteriorly, some of which dividing repeatedly, resulting in isolated microtubules to the tail of the cell. (2)A pair of thin fibril arisingnear the base of the short flagellum, and running ventrally and forming loops around the basal part of the short flagellum. (3)A striated ribbon like or triangular rhizoplast originating from thekinetosome of the long flagellum and ending with its broad to the nuclear membrance. Treating extraced cells with colchicine (10ml)or with (NH4)2SO4 250mmM resulted in disappearance of all the fibrils except rhizoplast and flagella.

Key words: cytoskleton, Ochromonas, rhixoplast

摘要: 用含TritonX-100和EGTA的PIPES缓冲液处理金黄滴虫(Ochromonasdanica,原生动物鞭毛虫纲),溶去细胞中可溶性蛋白,可获得完整的、在透射电镜下清晰可辨的细胞纤维系统。细胞前端有一横跨长鞭毛基粒的,由微管束构成的三叉形纤维,其上有约25条纵行微管束,沿细胞外周向后延伸直达细胞后端,从而形成一个完整的细胞骨架。细胞前端还有一对较细的环纤维,围绕在短鞭毛的基部,其中一个缠绕成“8”字形。根质体位于长鞭毛基粒和细胞核之间,有横纹,呈带状或扇状。对于纤维的化学组成,也作了一些初步的探查。

关键词: 金黄滴虫, 细胞骨架, 根质体

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