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Calculation of Equilibrium Material Flows of Different Nuclear Fuel Cycles in Long Term

ZHOU Chaoran;WANG Yugang   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Technology, School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100871
  • Received:2014-03-11 Revised:2014-04-15 Online:2015-05-20 Published:2015-05-20



  1. 北京大学物理学院, 核物理与核技术国家重点实验室, 北京 100871
  • 基金资助:
    中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金(91226202, 2010CB832904)资助

Abstract: Based on the typical standard parameters of thermal reactor and fast reactor, three options in long term (the once-through cycle (OTC) option and the closed fuel cycle (CFC) option which consists of the thermal reactor recycle (TRR) and the fast reactor along with thermal reactor recycle (FRR) are calculated. The natural uranium demand, the separate work demand, the nuclear power demand on alternative style of reactors, the nuclear assemblies demand and the disposal demand of nuclear wastes are obtained. According to these results, the FRR option is the optimal strategy with the highest utility of uranium as well as the minimum accumulation of the nuclear wastes.

Key words: nuclear fuel cycle, OTC, TRR, FRR, equilibrium material flows

摘要: 利用国际上标准的热堆和快堆技术参数, 对“开式热堆一次通过”、“闭式热堆循环”和“闭式热堆快堆混合循环” 3 种核燃料循环方式进行长期平衡的物质流计算, 得到不同战略下的天然铀需求、分离功需求、核电装机类型容量需求、核燃料需求、核废料处置需求等结果。通过对比, 得出“闭式热堆快堆混合循环”是3 种循环方式中核资源利用率最高、放射性核废料产出量最低的战略选择。

关键词: 核燃料循环, “开式热堆一次通过”战略(OTC), “闭式热堆循环”战略(TRR), “闭式热堆快堆混合循环&rdquo, 战略(FRR), 物质流平衡