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Terminology Definition Discrimination Based on the Internet

WU Ruihong, Lü Xueqiang   

  1. Beijing Key Laboratory of Internet Culture and Digital Dissemination Research, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, Beijing 100101;
  • Received:2013-06-22 Online:2014-01-20 Published:2014-01-20



  1. 北京信息科技大学网络文化与数字传播北京市重点实验室, 北京 100101;

Abstract: The authors first proposed a definition discrimination model and a method to solve the problem that one terminology has multiple definitions. Baidu Ecyclopedia and Baidu Search results are used to construct the reference definition of the terminology, then the reference definition and the definition patterns summarized from the corpus are used to select the best definition from the candidate definitions. Part of the terminologies and their definitions in CNKI Concept Knowledge Library are chosen as the discrimited corpus in the experiment. Results show that the accuracy is 96.1%, which has a good performance.

Key words: terminology definition, definition discrimination model, reference definition, definition pattern

摘要: 针对一个术语的多条候选定义, 首次提出术语定义辨析模型并给出一种基于互联网的求解方法。该方法从百度百科和百度搜索构建参考释义, 总结术语及其定义来源语料中的术语定义模板, 根据参考释义和定义的模板从待辨析定义中选出最优定义。实验选取中国知网概念知识元库中部分领域的术语在学术文献和工 具书中的定义作为待辨析对象, 用所提出的模型和方法进行辨析实验, 结果表明, 该方法辨析的准确率为96.1%, 有很好的辨析效果。

关键词: 术语定义, 辨析模型, 参考释义, 定义模板

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