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Effect of Aeration of Hong Kong Sediment on Lead Binding

JIA Zhenbang1, LAM Kinche2, LV Fengwei2   

  1. 1The Urban and Environmental Science Department of Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2The Geography Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, N. T. , Shatin
  • Received:1998-10-09 Online:1999-11-20 Published:1999-11-20


贾振邦1, 林健枝2,吕丰伟2   

  1. 1北京大学城市与环境学系,北京,100871; 2香港中文大学地理学系,香港,新界,沙田

Abstract: Acid-Volatile Sulfide(AVS) has been shown to be the largest part of the activity of total sulfide content in anoxic sediments. Acid-Volatile Sulfide(AVS) controls the concentration of heavy metals in pore water of reduction phase sediments and it forms sulfide with heavy metals again, and effects the chemical species of heavy metals in sediments. Study has been proven to be the dominant phase AVS reacting with heavy metals. Change of AVS can occur either through human activities, such as dredging waterways and harbors, or by natural phenoment, such as resuspension due to storms and changes in sediment Chemistry. The study passed a series of laboratory aeration experiments for 32 days, effect of probe the change of sulfide content on lead. The result shows that aeration of sediments results in rapid decrease of the (AVS). At the same time, distinct changes also occurred in the values of Pb, Eh, DO, and pH.

Key words: Hong Kong, sediment, AVS, lead, aeration

摘要: 本项研究通过了32d(天)的连续充气实验,探索硫含量变化对Pb的影响。结果表明:沉积物充气氧化过程引起AVS的迅速减少。同时,Pb, Eh, DO, pH也发生了明显的变化趋势。

关键词: 香港, 沉积物, 酸可挥发硫, 铅, 充气

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