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Effects of Exogenous IAA and GA on Regen-eration of Vascular Tissues and Periderm in Broussonetia papyrifera Stems after Removal of the Xylem

WANG Zhen, CUI Keming   

  1. College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1998-02-23 Online:1999-07-20 Published:1999-07-20



  1. 北京大学生命科学学院,北京,100871

Abstract: The application of IAA alone or together with GA to the apex of disbudded and defoliated 1- or 2-year-old Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) Vent.treelet stems could induce formation of a new trunk-like structure after removal of the central cylinder of xylem and pith. Applying GA together with IAA decreased the number of various tissue cells in the IAA-induced new trunk-like structure. However treatment with GA by itself promoted callus formation and inhibited new periderm, cambium and vascular tissues differentiation.

Key words: removal of xylem, regeneration, IAA(Indole-3-acetic acid), GA(Gibberellin), Broussonetia papyrifera(L.) Vent

摘要: 1或2年生构树的茎干去木质部后立即除去所有的芽和叶,如果对去芽顶端施以外源IAA,或IAA和GA的混合物都能诱导新的茎干状结构的形成。但GA与IAA共同使用后减少了IAA所诱导形成的茎干状结构中维管组织的细胞数。单独用GA可促进愈伤组织的形成,抑制新的周皮、形成层和维管组织的分化。

关键词: 去木质部, 再生作用, IAA, GA, 构树

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