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Calculation Method on the Reference Wind Pressure Accounting for the Terrain Variations

CHEN Kai, JIN Xinyang, QIAN Jihong   

  1. China Academy of Building Research, Beijing 100013;
  • Received:2011-02-23 Online:2012-01-20 Published:2012-01-20



  1. 中国建筑科学研究院, 北京 100013;

Abstract: A new method is proposed to correct the wind speed data in the non-standard terrain on the basis of daily records. The reference wind speeds of Beijing and Dalian are calculated based on the original and corrected wind data, respectively. The corrected data are more close to the stationary process because the terrain variations of the meteorological station have been taken into consideration by the correction coefficient. It’s concluded through likelihood ratio tests that the Gumbel distribution is a valid model for the statistics of annual maximum wind speed and the corrected wind data shows better statistical characteristic. It is suggested that the wind records in the non-standard terrain should be corrected in advance to obtain the reliable reference wind pressure.

Key words: reference wind pressure, gust factor, terrain roughness length, extreme values distribution, maximum likelihood estimation

摘要: 提出根据气象台站的每日极大风速和最大风速记录修正非标准地貌风速记录的方法。采用该方法对北京和大连气象站的风速数据进行分析计算, 得到50年重现期的基本风速, 并与原数据的计算结果进行比较。因为修正系数将各年最大风速都转换到标准地貌下的对应值, 所以修正后的年最大风速数据呈现良好的平稳性特征。最大似然估计的假设检验表明极值Ⅰ型分布是年最大风速的有效统计模型, 同时也说明所提出的数据修正方法的有效性。因此在计算基本风压时, 应当对非标准地貌条件下获得的气象数据进行修正, 以获得可靠结果。

关键词: 基本风压, 阵风系数, 地面粗糙长度, 极值分布, 最大似然估计

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