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Study on Dynamic Survey of Group Geological Disasters in Dongjiang Reservoir Region, Zixing City, Using CBERS Images

XU Yueren1,2, HE Honglin1, SHEN Xuhui2, CHEN Lize1   

  1. 1. National Centre of Active Fault studies, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing 100029; 2. Institute of Earthquake Science, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing 100036;
  • Received:2010-06-23 Online:2011-07-20 Published:2011-07-20



  1. 1. 中国地震局地质研究所, 国家地震活动断层研究中心, 北京 100029; 2. 中国地震局地震预测研究所, 北京 100036;

Abstract: The authors study on dynamic survey of the disasters happened in the Dongjiang reservoir Region, Zixing City, Hunan Province, using multi-period China-Brazil Earth Resource Satellite(CBERS) serial images for disaster interpretation. It shows the total landslides numbers are 105, 178, 66, 1344 and 153 in 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008 respectively, and the total debris flows number is 13 in 2006. The research also shows that disasters mainly occurred by Bilis typhoon storm during July 14?16, 2006, with concentrated character and its density center was consistent with the storm center. Disasters’ image features can be indentified from surrounding surface features using newly images after the event, and the features may disappear gradually over time. The result shows that CBERS images can be used for monitoring the disasters’ changing process of happening-reduce-disappear over time in study area, and it can also be used for dynamic survey of geological disasters in China based on this effective case study.

Key words: CBERS, geological disasters, remote sensing interpretation, dynamic survey, Bilis typhoon, Zixing City, Hunan Province

摘要: 利用中巴地球资源卫星(CBERS)的多时相影像,以湖南省资兴市东江水库库区为研究区,开展基于遥感解译的地质灾害动态监测试验研究,获得1999, 2003, 2005, 2006及2008年各年的滑坡点分别为105, 178, 66, 1344和153处,2006年泥石流13处。近10年来研究区灾害集中发生在2006年7月“碧利斯”特大暴雨期间,表现为滑坡、泥石流的群发性特征,其空间分布与暴雨中心吻合;灾害体的影像特征随着时间推移从清晰可辨到逐渐模糊而无法识别,目标解译灾害体应使用灾害发生后最近的影像进行解译。研究表明,利用CBERS多时相影像可以监测库区地质灾害的发生发展过程,基于在库区的试验研究,CBERS影像数据可用于区域地质灾害的动态监测。

关键词: 中巴资源卫星, 地质灾害, 遥感解译, 动态监测, “碧利斯”台风, 湖南省资兴市

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