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Cloning of Mouse Genomic DNA Containing MT-I and MT-II Gene and the Identification of Its Restriction Map

ZHANG Xintao, WU Heling   

  1. College of life science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1997-05-16 Online:1998-07-20 Published:1998-07-20


张新涛, 吴鹤龄   

  1. 北京大学生命科学学院,北京,100871

Abstract: We get 4 positive clones from 680000 phages after screening 129 mouse genomic library with MT-I cDNA as a prob. The signals of two clones are much stronger. We analyze the restriction map of the insertional DNA fragments from the two clones using partial digestion and hybridization with the end primers of the DNA fragments as probs. Otherwise we confirm the position of MT-I gene in the DNA fragment. Furthermore, we find and confirm that there is MT-II gene in the two clones.

Key words: MT-I gene, MT-II gene, restriction map

摘要: 用小鼠MT-ⅠcDNA作为探针,从129小鼠的基因组库中获得含MT-Ⅰ基因的DNA片段。从6.8×105的噬菌斑中挑出4个阳性噬菌体克隆,分别命名为1-1, 2-1, 1-6和4-3。在这4个克隆中1-1和2-1的阳性信号更强些。应用插入片段的末端引物作为探针进行杂交结合部分酶切的方法,对这2个克隆的插入片段进行了限制性内切酶酶切图谱分析,确定了克隆1-1和2-1的酶切图谱及MT-Ⅰ基因在2个克隆DNA中的位置。并进一步发现和证明了在2个克隆中含有MT-Ⅱ基因。

关键词: MT-Ⅰ基因, MT-Ⅱ基因, 限制性内切酶图谱

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