Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis ›› 2023, Vol. 59 ›› Issue (4): 593-601.DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2023.021

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Offshore Comparative Test for HF Ground Wave Radar Based on Integrated Monopole Cross Loop Transceiver Antenna

XU Xinjun1,2, LU Tianyi3, YANG Fan4, SHI Xinzhi1,†, WEI Jun3,†   

  1. 1. School of Electronics and Information, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072 2. Wuhan Hailan Ruihai Ocean Technology Co., Ltd, Wuhan 430223 3. Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory (Zhuhai), School of Atmospheric Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhuhai 519000 4. Zhuhai Marine Environmental Monitoring Central Station of the State Oceanic Administration, Zhuhai 519000
  • Received:2022-05-31 Revised:2022-07-08 Online:2023-07-20 Published:2023-07-20
  • Contact: SHI Xinzhi, E-mail: shi_xinzhi(at), WEI Jun, E-mail: weijun5(at)


徐新军1,2, 鹿天逸3, 杨凡4, 石新智1,†, 韦骏3,†   

  1. 1. 武汉大学电子信息学院, 武汉 430072 2. 武汉海兰瑞海海洋科技有限公司, 武汉 430223 3. 南方海洋科学与工程广东省实验室(珠海), 中山大学大气科学学院, 珠海 519000 4. 国家海洋局珠海海洋环境监测中心中心站, 珠海 519000
  • 通讯作者: 石新智, E-mail: shi_xinzhi(at), 韦骏, E-mail: weijun5(at)
  • 基金资助:


To verify the feasibility of an antenna system with integrated transmitting and receiving antennas for use on OSMAR-S high frequency radar, an experiment of radar observation with time series of sea currents observed by Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) in situ was conducted within the Pearl River Estuary from November 25 to December 1, 2021. The experimental results show that the radar and ADCP observations are in high agreement, with correlation coefficients as high as 0.916. The magnitudes and changes with time of the amplitudes of the main sub-tides (M2 and K1) obtained by the reconciliation analysis and other methods are in high agreement. The experiment indicates that the transceiver antenna system, on the basis of its advantages of small footprint, low cost and convenience to set up on the seashore, still has high accuracy for in situ current observations.

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为了验证一种使得OSMAR-S高频地波雷达的发射天线和接收天线一体化的天线系统的可行性, 于2021年11月25日至12月1日在珠江口内进行雷达观测与声学多普勒流速剖面仪(ADCP)现场观测海流时间序列比测实验。结果表明, 雷达与ADCP的观测结果具有高度一致性, 相关系数达到0.916。通过调和分析等方法得到的主要分潮(M2和K1)振幅大小与随时间变化趋势高度吻合。实验结果证明, 在具有占地面积小、成本低以及方便海边架设等优点的基础上, 该收发共用天线系统对海流的观测结果有很高的精度。

关键词: 海洋环境监测, 高频地波雷达, 单极子交叉环, 调和分析, 旋转能量谱分析