Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis ›› 2020, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (6): 1031-1037.DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2020.090

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Design of Bessel Beam Optical Tweezers for Single Particle Study

ZHAO Weilun, CAI Chen, ZHAO Gang, ZHAO Chunsheng   

  1. Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100871
  • Received:2019-12-30 Revised:2020-03-16 Online:2020-11-20 Published:2020-11-20
  • Contact: ZHAO Chunsheng, E-mail: zcs(at)


赵威伦, 蔡宸, 赵罡, 赵春生   

  1. 北京大学物理学院大气与海洋科学系, 北京 100871
  • 通讯作者: 赵春生, E-mail: zcs(at)
  • 基金资助:


Bessel beam optical tweezer is built for particle measurement. An axicon is used to generate Bessel beam. The trapped single aerosol particle is stably levitated by optical force exerted by Bessel beam and drag force exerted by the counter gas flow. In combination with light signal scattered by the levitated aerosol particle, the diameter and the refractive index can be measured. Physicochemical properties of aerosol, such as hygroscopicity, volatility, and the refractive index, could be studied under different environmental conditions with this system.

Key words: Bessel beam, optical tweezers, single aerosol particle


搭建贝塞尔光镊颗粒物观测系统。通过圆锥透镜产生贝塞尔光, 利用贝塞尔光施加的光压力和反向气流施加的阻力, 稳定地悬浮气溶胶颗粒物。结合弹性光散射信号, 实现对气溶胶单颗粒粒径和折射率的测量。该系统还可用于研究不同环境条件下气溶胶的吸湿性、挥发性以及折射率等物理化学性质。

关键词: 贝塞尔光, 光镊, 气溶胶单颗粒