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On the Design of Trivium

TIAN Yun, CHEN Gongliang, LI Jianhua   

  1. School of Information Security Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200240;
  • Received:2010-05-17 Online:2010-09-20 Published:2010-09-20



  1. 上海交通大学信息安全工程学院, 上海200240;

Abstract: In order to discuss the design principles of stream ciphers, Trivium, a candidate cipher in eSTREAM, is studied. Research about its security and efficiency is summarized. Based on the modeling structure of the algorithm and the definition of k-order primitive polynomials, new design principles of stream ciphers are illustrated. Improvements and new design of Trivium are given according to the principles.

Key words: eSTREAM, Trivium, design principles of stream ciphers

摘要: 分析了eSTREAM 项目中Trivium 算法的安全性和有效性, 并将该算法结构进行模型化, 引入 k 阶本原多项式的定义。阐述了设计 Trivium 型流密码的准则, 并根据这些准则给出Trivium 算法的改进 以及新的Trivium 型流密码算法。

关键词: eSTREAM, Trivium, 流密码的设计准则

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