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Comparison of Approaches for Water Erosion Modeling on Hillslopes

SHEN Dayong1,MA Ainai2,LIN Hui1,NIE Xianghui3   

  1. 1Joint Laboratory for Geoinformation Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong;2Institute of Remote Sensing & GIS,Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 3Center for Information Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2001-12-21 Online:2002-11-20 Published:2002-11-20



  1. 1香港中文大学地球信息科学联合实验室,香港;2北京大学遥感与地理信息系统研究所,北京,100871;3北京大学信息科学中心,北京,100871

Abstract: Firstly the necessity of water erosion modeling on hillslopes is discussed. Then existing water erosion models are generally divided into two types, formalization logic computational models and dialectical logic computational models(according to the way of solving problems)where the former can be further divided into four types--primarily empirically based, partially conceptually and partially empirically based, partially process based and partially empirically based, as well as theoretically based as weak points of the previous classification methods are concerned. Finally characteristics of each type and their relationships are illust rated by examples.

Key words: water erosion modeling on hillslopes, formalization logic computational models, dialectical logic computational models

摘要: 首先阐述了坡面土壤水蚀建模的必要性。考虑到原有水蚀模型类型的不足,对当前水蚀模型按解题方法重新归为形式逻辑计算模型及辩证逻辑计算模型两类。其中,形式逻辑计算模型又分为经验模型、半概念半经验模型、半过程半经验模型以及理论模型4类。结合实例阐述这几类模型的主要特性及相关关系。

关键词: 坡面土壤水蚀建模, 形式逻辑计算模型, 辩证逻辑计算模型

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