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Photoemission of Na2KSb Photocathode Stimulated by Ultrashortpulse Laser

LIU Yanwen, ZHANG Gengmin, LIU Weimin, WU Jinlei, XUE Zengquan, WU Quande   

  1. Department of Radio-Electronics, Peking University, Beijing Laboratory of Vacuum Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciense, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1995-07-25 Online:1996-01-20 Published:1996-01-20



  1. 北京大学无线电电子学系,中国科学院北京真空物理实验室,北京,100871

Abstract: We report the study of Na2KSb photocathode as high brillance electronic injector. We have measured the properties of the multiphoton photoelectron emission with ultra short pulse laser (the wavelength is 1.06 μm, the width of a pulse is 50 ps). It was two photons effect. We have also tudied photoelectron emission limit.

Key words: Na2KSb photocathode, ultra short laser pulse, photoelectron emission of subthreshold, space charge limit

摘要: 报告了作为高亮度电子注入器的钠钾锑光电阴极在YAG激光(λ=1.06μm,脉冲宽度为50ps)作用下的亚阈值光电发射,其为2光子发射。研究了阴极的光电发射限制问题,从实验上证明在激光能量比较大极间电压比较低时,阴极受空间电荷限制。

关键词: 钠钾锑阴极, 超短激光脉冲, 亚阈值光电发射, 空间电荷限制

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