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Photoelectrochemical Studies on the SnO2 Nanostructured Porous Film Sensitized by Cyanine Dye

ZHANG Li1, YANG Maizhi1, QIAO Xuebin1, HAO Yanzhong1, GAO Enqin1, CAI Shengmin1, MENG Fangshun2, TIAN He2   

  • Received:1999-03-29 Online:2000-03-20 Published:2000-03-20


张莉1, 杨迈之1, 乔学斌1, 郝彦忠1, 高恩勤1, 蔡生民1, 孟凡顺2, 田禾2   

Abstract: The photoelectrochemical behaviors of the SnO2 nanostructured porous film sensitized by cyanine dye were investigated in this paper. The results showed that the excitation state level matched the conduction band edge of SnO2 nanoparticle. Therefore the sensitization of this dye can increase the photocurrent intensity of SnO2 nanostructured electrode obviously and results in a red-shift of optical absorption from the ultra-violet region to the visible region. As a result, the light-to-electricity conversion efficiency was improved evidently, the maximum value of IPCE has reached 28.9%.

Key words: dye sensitization, SnO2 nanostructured porous film electrode, photoelectrochemisty, cyanine dye

摘要: 研究了三甲川菁敏化SnO2纳米结构电极的光电化学行为。结果表明,三甲川菁染料电子激发态能级位置能与SnO2纳米粒子导带边位置相匹配,从而使用该染料敏化可以显著地提高SnO2纳米结构电极的光电流,使SnO2纳米结构电极吸收波长红移至可见光区和近红外区,光电转换效率得到明显改善,IPCE值最高可达28.9%。

关键词: 染料敏化, SnO2纳米结构多孔膜电极, 光电化学, 三甲川菁

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