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Study on Interpretation of Rain-Induced Group Shallow Landslides Based on Multi-Period SPOT-5 Remote Sensing Images

LI Tiefeng1,XU Yueren2,PAN Mao2, 3,CONG Weiqing2,WEN Mingsheng1,LIAN Jianfa1   

  • Received:2006-05-15 Online:2007-03-20 Published:2007-03-20


李铁锋1,徐岳仁2,潘懋2, 3,丛威青2,温铭生1,连建发1   

Abstract: During time from June 17-23 in 2005, an extraordinary storm event happened in Jian'ou city, Fujian province; it induced lots of small and medium scale shallow landslides. This paper describes the treating process to get fusion SPOT-5 images using geometric correction, spatial calibration, image enhancement, data fusion and other processing methods based on panchromatic and multi-spectral SPOT-5 images before and after the event, taking the method of comparative analysis using the fusion images and field survey to gain the key interpretation to getting the total information of 2186 landslides. The paper also gets the 92 percent of field affirming exactness using field validation method by choosing 300 interpreted landslides randomly from all of 2186 ones at last. According to the research, using fusion SPOT-5 images in the application of abstraction of small and medium scale landslide information is available.

Key words: SPOT-5, data fusion, shallow landslide, image interpretation, Jian'ou city, Fujian province

摘要: 2005年6月17—23日福建省建瓯市发生特大暴雨,诱发大量中小型浅层滑坡灾害。利用发灾前、后两期SPOT-5影像(包括全色和多光谱),采用几何精校正、影像配准、影像增强、数据融合等处理方法,结合野外调查,建立滑坡解译标志,利用两期影像对比分析,提取滑坡点信息,最终共解译出滑坡点2186个。选取300个解译的灾害点进行了野外验证,野外验证的准确率达92%。研究表明,SPOT-5融合影像在中小型滑坡信息提取中的应用是可行的。

关键词: SPOT-5, 数据融合, 浅层滑坡, 影像解译, 福建建瓯

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