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Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Parasite of Rhododendron Delavayi Franch

ZHANG Qihan, GUO Jian, ZHANG Mingzhe   

  1. The college of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1996-08-26 Online:1996-11-20 Published:1996-11-20


张奇涵, 郭健, 张明哲   

  1. 北京大学化学与分子工程学院,北京,100871

Abstract: The parasite of Rhododendron delavayi Franch, collected from Yunnan Province, was extracted by organic solvents with different polarity. After chromatography and purification six crystallines were isolated from this plant for the first time. On the bases of physical and chemical properties and spectral analyses five of them were identified as nonacosane(A), succinic acid(C), quercetin(D), quercetin-3-O-α-arabinofuranoside(E), and quercetin-3-O-α-rhamnopyranoside(F) separately, crystalline B, identified by GC/MS, is a mixture composed of campesterol(Ⅰ), brassicasterol(Ⅱ), stigemasterol(Ⅲ) and γ -sitosterol(Ⅳ).

Key words: parasite of Rhododendron delavayi franch, succinic acid, quercetin, quercetin-arabinofuranoside, quercetin-rhamnoside, sterols

摘要: 杜鹃花科植物马缨杜鹃寄生,经不同溶剂提取及多次层析分离、纯化后,首次从中分离出9个化合物。经波谱及色质联用等鉴定为二十九碳烷、琥珀酸、槲皮素、槲皮素-3-O-α-阿拉伯呋喃糖甙、槲皮素-3-O-α-鼠李吡喃糖甙、菜油甾醇、菜子甾醇、豆甾醇和 γ-谷甾醇。

关键词: 马缨杜鹃寄生, 琥珀酸, 槲皮素, 槲皮素阿拉伯呋喃糖甙, 槲皮素鼠李吡喃糖甙, 甾醇成分

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