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Advance of Plant Aquaporins Research

YU Qiuju1, WU Qi1, LIN Zhongping1, LI Jingfu2   

  1. 1National Laboratory of Protein Engineering and Plant Genetic Enginnering, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2College of Horticulture, North-East Agricultural University, Harbin, 150030
  • Received:2001-11-13 Online:2002-11-20 Published:2002-11-20


于秋菊1, 吴锜1, 林忠平1, 李景富2   

  1. 1北京大学蛋白质工程及植物基因工程国家重点实验室,北京,100871; 2东北农业大学园艺学院,哈尔滨,150030

Abstract: Plant aquaporins are water-selected-channels in plants and involved in seed germination, cell elongation, stoma movement, fertilization and so on. Some plant aquaporins also play an important role in response to stress. This article focuses on the relationship between plant aquaporins and draught resistance. The structure, function and gene regulation of aquporins as well as research methodology are reviewed.

Key words: plant aquaporins, water transportation, gene expression

摘要: 植物水孔蛋白在植物体内形成水选择性运输通道,在植物种子萌发、细胞伸长、气孔运动、受精等过程中调节水分的快速跨膜运输。有些水孔蛋白还在植物逆境应答中起着重要作用,因此研究水孔蛋白与植物抗旱性的关系引起了广泛关注。对水孔蛋白的发现、结构、分类、分布、调控及研究方法等方面进行了综述。

关键词: 植物水孔蛋白, 水分运输, 基因表达

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