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Cenozoic Tectonics and Oil-gas Perspectives in Tadjik and Southwestern Tarim Depression

WANG Suhua,QIAN Xianglin   

  1. Geology Department of Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2000-05-23 Online:2001-07-20 Published:2001-07-20



  1. 北京大学地质学系,北京,100871

Abstract: Situated at the both E & W sides of Pamir, the S W Tarim and Tadjik basins have the similar evolution history of tectono sedimentary processes during Cenozoic, i.e. steady subsidence with transgressive sequence in Paleogene and speedy subsidence with continental molasse-type sediments in strong compressive tectonic environment in Neogene-Quaternery. Since Neogene, for the effect of Pamir and west Kunlun's northward moving and thrusting,there is complicated tectono-structural deformation taking place in Tadjik and SW Tarim. Neogene stratigraphic combination and later structural deformation of Tadjik basin and southwestern Tarim much resemble each other in terms of extent of transpressional processes. Paleogene in Tadjik basin is main oil-bearing sequence and many substantial oil-gas fields there have been found. So, it can be assured in comparison that there is oil-gas perspective also in southwestern Tarim region.

Key words: southwestern Tarim Basin, Tadjik Basin, cenozoic tectonics, oil-gas perspectives

摘要: 位于帕米尔东西两侧的塔西南和塔吉克盆地在新生代时期经历了相似的构造沉积演化过程,即老第三纪稳定沉降接受海侵沉积和新第三纪—第四纪受强烈挤压快速沉降接受陆相磨拉石沉积。自新第三纪以来,受帕米尔—西昆仑北移和隆升冲断的影响,塔西南和塔吉克盆地发生了复杂的褶皱冲断变形,其差异在于塔西南明显地受走滑为主的剪压构造作用,而塔吉克盆地是受挤压为主的剪压构造作用的影响。塔西南和塔吉克盆地下第三系岩相组合类似,后期构造变形也相似,塔吉克盆地下第三系是该盆地的主力油层,已有许多油气田发现,因此可以推断塔西南也应该有良好的油气前景。

关键词: 塔西南坳陷, 塔吉克盆地, 新生代构造, 油气聚集

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