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Pseudo Almost Periodic Solutions of Neutral Delay Differential Equations with Piecewise Constant Arguments

PIAO Daxiong   

  1. Fushun Petroleum Institute, Fushun, 113001
  • Received:2000-03-03 Online:2001-05-20 Published:2001-05-20



  1. 抚顺石油学院,辽宁抚顺,113001, Email:

Abstract: By constructing a pseudo almost periodic solution sequence for a relevant difference equation, we investigated the existence and uniqueness of pseudo almost periodic solution of neutral delay differential equation with piece-wise constant arguments

d/dt(y(t)+py(t-1))=a0 y([t])+a1y([t-1])+F(t, y(t), y([t])).

Key words: pseudo almost periodic sequence, difference equation, piecewise constant argument, pseudo almost periodic solution, neutral delay differential equation

摘要: 通过构造二阶差分方程的伪概周期序列解,研究了带逐段常变量的中立型时滞微分方程d/dt(y(t)+py(t-1))=a0 y([t])+a1y([t-1])+F(t, y(t), y([t]))的伪概周期解的存在性及惟一性。

关键词: 伪概周期序列, 差分方程, 逐段常变量, 伪概周期解, 中立型时滞微分方程

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