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Applying Satellite Data to Mesoscale Model ARPS

YAN Junyi1,WANG Hongqing1,ZHANG Yan1,ZHENG Yongguang2,ZHANG Chunxi1   

  • Received:2005-09-26 Online:2006-11-20 Published:2006-11-20



Abstract: Surface observations and satellite data are successfully incorporated to a mesoscale model using the ARPS data assimilation system (ADAS) developed by the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS). Satellite data are used to improve the initial humidity condition with comprehensive cloud analysis. Results show that both forecast and simulation of a storm process are improved than that when satellite data and complex cloud analysis are not applied.

Key words: satellite data, comprehensive cloud analysis, numerical model, storm

摘要: 利用美国“风暴分析预报中心”开发的中尺度模式ARPS (Advanced Regional Prediction System)的资料分析系统ADAS (ARPS Data Analysis System),成功地把地面报文资料和卫星 红外云图资料加入到数值模式中。通过加入卫星资料的综合云分析过程能够改善水汽初始条件,进而得到更准确地反映中尺度特征的初始场。对一次暴雨个例的模拟对比试

关键词: 卫星应用, 综合云分析, 数值模式, 暴雨

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