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Development of Analyzer for Atmospheric Particulate Matter Concentration and Its Performance Test

ZHANG Zhanyi1,3,LI Fengguo2,YANG Guanling2,LI Yifang2,ZENG Fanjin1,ZENG Limin3   

  • Received:2006-03-01 Online:2006-11-20 Published:2006-11-20



Abstract: Particulate matter becomes the main air pollutant in China. Brief introduction is given to the source and impacts of PM, PM sampling system and monitoring analyzer. Also there is a brief introduction to the new developed auto-monitoring analyzer for PM10 and PM2.5 concentration, basing on the theory of filter membrane weighing. By using Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) microscopy, the particle size distribution of the coarse and fine particle was observed, similar to that of Andersen Model 240 dual channel mass sampler. Compared with some domestic and overseas sampling device and monitoring analyzer, the results of another performance test on the mass concentration shows that the new analyzer made by the authors approaches advanced world level.

Key words: atmospheric particulate matter, monitoring analyzer, performance test

摘要: 颗粒物污染已成为我国的首要大气污染物,颗粒物污染的来源复杂、危害较大,简要介绍了目前国内外颗粒物监测方法和仪器设备的研究情况,以及所研制的、基于滤膜 称重法的、可同时测量PM10和PM2.5的DJ3-1型六工位自循环式大气颗粒物浓度自动监测仪。利用具有无限远光学系统的微分干涉相衬显微技术对该系统所采集到的颗粒物进行了显微观察,得到粗颗粒和细颗粒的粒径分布,与Andersen公司240型双通道采样器的切割性能十分 接近。与国内外部分监测仪器进行了同步的颗粒物质量浓度监测的比对测试,结果表明其性能已基本达到国外同类监测仪器的水平。

关键词: 大气颗粒物, 监测仪器, 性能比对

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