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Difference Sets in Groups of Order 4p4

WAN Zhaoze1, LI Jian2   

  • Received:2005-09-28 Online:2006-09-20 Published:2006-09-20



Abstract: Let G be a group of order 4p4 with Dihedral image D4p2, by investigating the intersection numbers, it is concluded that there is no Menon difference set in G if p≥5 (where p is a prime).

Key words: difference sets, intersection numbers, complete cyclic basis

摘要: G是具有二面体群同态象D4p2的4p4阶群,通过考察其相交数得到如下结论:当p是素数且p≥5时,G上的差集不存在。

关键词: 差集, 相交数, 完全循环基

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