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A Survey of Parents' Influence on Their Children's Beliefs

Qian Mingyi, Yao Ping, Li Limin   

  1. Department of Psychology, Peking University, 100871
  • Received:1996-05-10 Online:1996-11-20 Published:1996-11-20


钱铭怡, 姚萍, 李丽敏   

  1. 北京大学心理学系,北京,100871

Abstract: 289 high school students and one of their parents (father or mother)were investigated by the Irrational Beliefs Scale(IBS) created according to the theory of Rational-Emotive Therapy. Four kinds of irrational beliefs are measured in the scale: overgeneralization, seeking for approval, demandingness towards oneself and demandingness towards others. The results indicated that the children's beliefs scores were correlated significantly with their parents'(r=0.2889, P<0.001). Further, no significant correlation was found between the fathers' scores and the sons', and significant correlation was only found between the fathers and the daughters on the total score, while the mothers' score on the belief of demandingness towards oneself correlated significantly with the sons', and significant correlations on the total score and scores on the beliefs of demandingness towards oneself and towards others were found between the mothers and the daughters. The parents' occupation and education level have no significant influence on the children's beliefs. The reasons and the impact ways of the parental influence were discussed.

Key words: parental influence, children, beliefs

摘要: 采用自编的信念调查表对289名高中一、二年级的学生及其父亲或母亲进行了测查。测查结果表明子女的信念得分与其父母的信念得分有显著相关(r=0.2889, P<0.001)。父母对子女信念的影响中母亲的影响作用较父亲明显;父母对女儿信念的影响较对儿子的影响更为明显。

关键词: 父母, 子女, 信念

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