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Research on Yellow River Water Purification Using the Combined Process Containing Ozonation-BAC Treatment

SHI Dongwen1,XIE Shuguang2,WANG Rui3,HAN Haiyan3,LIU Chunxia3,XI Danli1   

  • Received:2006-04-05 Online:2007-03-20 Published:2007-03-20



Abstract: The conventional treatment followed by Ozonation-BAC treatment was used for the treatment of polluted Yellow River water. The result indicated the conventional treatment unit performed well in reduction of COD Mn, UV254, chloroform precursors, algae and 2-methylisobornel, and Ozonation-BAC treatment unit could further effectively reduce these organic matters. The water quality of conventional treatment effluent could meet current Chinese drinking water criteria and thus subsequent advanced treatment was necessary. When the ozone dosage was 1mg/L the bromate ion in the finished water of the combined process was more than 10μg/L.

Key words: Yellow River water, ozonation, biologically activated carbon, bromate

摘要: 常规/臭氧生物活性炭组合工艺处理受污染黄河水的研究结果表明,常规处理单元对CODMn、UV254、三氯甲烷前体物、藻类、2-甲基异莰醇都有良好的去除效果,而深度处理单元也能有效降低有机物的含量。常规处理单元出水水质不能满足我国生活饮用水标准,而需增设深度处理单元。臭氧投加量为1mg/L时,组合工艺最终出水BrO-3高于10μg/L。

关键词: 黄河水, 臭氧氧化, 生物活性炭, 溴酸盐

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