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Investigation of the 532nm Single-frequency Nd: YVO4/KTP Laser and the Observation of I2 Absorption Lines

XU Chunlin1, ZANG Erjun2, ZHANG Xuebin2, SUN Yimin2, LU Haining2, ZHAO Kun2, CAO Hongjun2, SHEN Naicheng2   

  1. 1Department of Electronics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2The Joint Laboratory of Advanced Technology in Measurements, Beijing, 100013
  • Received:1998-05-26 Online:1999-09-20 Published:1999-09-20

532nm单频Nd: YVO4/KTP激光器及碘吸收谱线观测的研究

徐春林1, 臧二军2,张学斌2,孙义民2,鲁海宁2,赵昆2,曹红军2,沈乃cheng2   

Abstract: A diode-pumped single-frequency Nd: YVO4/KTP intracavity frequency-doublingcw laser has been demonstrated by the precise temperature control of the Nd: YVO4, KTP and diode Laser. The single-frequency output power of 40.4mW at 532nm was obtained for an incident power of 515mW. The reasons of the single-frequency operation of the intracavity frequency-doubling Nd: YVO4/KTP laser are analyzed. It is derived in theory and verified in experiment that the frequency drift of free-running laser can be decreased by increasing the cavity length. The new I2 absorption lines besides which were recommended by CCDM in 1997 have been observed using the single-frequency Nd: YVO4/KTP laser at 532nm.

Key words: Nd: YVO4 crystal, KTP crystal, single-frequency, 532nm laser, I2 absorption lines

摘要: 用Nd: YVO4/KTP内腔倍频激光器在515mW抽运时,获得了40.4mW的单频532nm绿光。分析了获得单频运转的原因,并从理论上分析、实验中验证了用增加腔长的办法,可减小自由运转激光器的频率漂移。用其单频输出观测到1997年国际米定义咨询委员会(CCDM)推荐谱线以外的一些新的I2 吸收谱线。

关键词: Nd:YVO4晶体, KTP晶体, 单频运转, 532nm激光, 碘吸收谱线

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