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Analysis of Ozone Vertical Distribution in Shanghai Area

PENG Li1, GAO Wei1, GENG Fuhai1, RAN Liang2, ZHOU Hourong3   

  1. 1. Shanghai Center for Urban Environmental Meteorology, Shanghai 200135; 2. School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 3. Shanghai Baoshan Meteorological Bureau, Shanghai 201900;
  • Received:2010-09-01 Online:2011-09-20 Published:2011-09-20



  1. 1. 上海市城市环境气象中心, 上海 200135; 2. 北京大学物理学院, 北京 100871; 3. 上海市宝山气象局, 上海 201900;

Abstract: The observations of ozone sounding at Shanghai Baoshan National Climate Stations during May 2007 and December 2009 are analyzed. The results show that ozone vertical distribution is mainly influenced by photochemistry and dynamic transport. Ozone distribution in the boundary layer and the middle and upper stratosphere is apparently influenced by photochemistry. In the boundary layer, ozone concentration gradient varies positively. Influencing factors such as temperature, radiation and vapor, lead to a seasonal variation of highest ozone in the summer and lowest ozone in the winter. Above 26 km, photochemical processes lead to the highest ozone concentrations in the middle and upper stratosphere in the summer, vice versa in the winter. Dynamic transport significantly influences ozone level in upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, about 10-17 km. Ozone concentration is highest in spring due to the process of stratosphere-troposphere exchange.

Key words: ozone vertical distribution, photochemistry, dynamic transport, ozone accumulative concentrations

摘要: 对2007年5月至2009年12月期间上海市宝山国家气候观象台的臭氧探空观测数据分析表明, 臭氧的垂直分布主要受光化学和动力输送作用影响控制。光化学作用对臭氧分布的影响在边界层和平流层中上层非常明显。边界层内臭氧浓度呈正梯度变化, 受气温、辐射、水汽等因素的影响, 造成边界层臭氧浓度夏季最高、冬季最低的季节变化。在26 km以上的平流层中上层, 光化学作用使得夏季平流层中上层臭氧浓度最高, 冬季反之。动力输送过程对于对流层上层至平流层低层10~17 km高度影响显著, 平流层-对流层交换使得春季该层臭氧浓度最高。

关键词: 臭氧垂直分布, 光化学作用, 动力输送, 臭氧积分浓度

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