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Recycling of Major Elements in LiMn2O4-Based Lithium-Ion Power Battery

AN Hongli1), WU Ningning, FAN Maosong, LI Qiqige
(CITIC Guoan Mengguli New Energy Technology Co. Ltd, Beijing, 102200; 1)Corresponding Author, E-mail:   

  • Received:2006-09-18 Online:2006-12-30 Published:2006-12-30


安洪力1), 吴宁宁, 范茂松, 李其其格
(中信国安盟固利新能源科技有限公司, 北京, 102200; 1)通讯作者, E-mail:   

Abstract: A process aimed to treat and recycle the major elements in LiMn2O4-based lithium-ion battery is introduced. The results show that LiMn2O4 can be dissolved efficiently by 2mol·L-1 HNO3 + 1mol·L-1 H2O2 solution, especially after the LiMn2O4 is treated under 600℃, and the best ratio of solid/liquid is 65g·L-1. With this technology, the recycling rate of Mn can reach 98% and the purity of Li2CO3 can be more than 97%.

Key words: lithium-ion secondary battery, LiMn2O4, recycle

摘要: 介绍了锰酸锂废旧锂离子电池经放电处理后, 再对其进行拆解→活性物质剥离→酸溶→沉淀回收Mn、Li等工艺处理, 有效地回收了其中的锰和锂。实验结果表明:用2mol·L-1的HNO3+1mol·L-1的H2O2体系,在固液比为65g·L-1的情况下对经过600℃处理的锰酸锂进行酸溶效果最佳,LiMn2O4的溶解率为100%,锰的回收率达98%,所得Li2CO3沉淀纯度可达97%以上。

关键词: 锂离子电池, LiMn2O4, 回收

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