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Investigation of Al-Plastic Film Lithium-Ion Secondary Battery for E-Bike

HAO Deli1),Qilu2, 3),WANG Yinping1),AN Ping1)
(1)CITIC Guoan Mengguli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing,102200; 2)New Energy Materials and Technology Laboratory, Department of A   

  • Received:2006-09-18 Online:2006-12-30 Published:2006-12-30


郝德利1), 其鲁2, 3), 王印萍1), 安平1)
(1)中信国安盟固利新能源科技有限公司, 北京, 102200; 2)北京大学化学与分子工程学院应用化学系新能源材料与技术实验室, 北京, 100871; 3)通讯作者, E-mail:   

Abstract: 5.5Ah cylindrical Al-plastic film LiMn2O4-based lithium ion battery for E-bike was developed. These batteries exhibit good performance in rate discharge, cycle life and at high and low temperatures. The cells pass the safety test of GB/T 18287-2000 without any fire or explosion. The cells were stored for 3 months after discharging to 3.0V, and bulge appeared on the cell surface. With several cycles, the bulge disappeared without significant performance decay. The 10.8V/5Ah battery pack (3 cells in series) retain 82% of the initial capacity after 500 cycles at 1C, 100% DOD.

Key words: lithium ion battery, Al-plastic film, E-bike

摘要: 研制成功了电动自行车用5.5Ah圆柱型铝塑膜锰酸锂电池,它具有良好的倍率、循环、高低温特性。单体电池通过了GB/T 18287—2000的安全试验,所有试验中电池不起火、不爆炸。将单体电池放电到3.0V,然后搁置3个月,电池出现“气胀”,经过循环,“气胀”消失,电池性能没有发生明显的变化。10.8V/5Ah电池组1C,100%DOD循环500次,容量保持在82%。

关键词: 锂离子二次电池, 铝塑膜, 电动自行车

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